Tax highlights in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria offers one of the best taxation systems within EU. The country as a member of the European Union applies a worldwide income tax system and residents are taxable on their worldwide income. Bulgarian companies are subject to a flat tax rate of 10% and the taxable profit is the annual financial result adjusted for tax purposes. Bulgaria also offers a flat personal income tax rate of 10%.  Bulgaria’s taxation framework is exceptional from an EU and other non-EU onshore zones perspective.

The currency of the country is Bulgarian Lev (BGN) and it is connected to the EUR. The official exchange rate is fixed and it is 1 BGN=1.95583 EUR.

Bulgaria applies IFRS as a statutory accounting basis. Only certain entities are allowed to apply the national financial reporting standards for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Main business entities are the limited liability company, the joint stock company, sole trader and branch of a non-resident company.

Please find the tax highlights in Bulgaria :

Corporate profit tax

  • 10% withholding tax on interest, royalties, service expenses, capital gains and certain other income payable to non-resident entities and individuals
  • 0% withholding tax on dividends and liquidation quotas payable to EU entities
  • 5% withholding tax on dividends and liquidation quotas payable to non-EU entities and residents
Personal income tax

  • up to 29.7% mandatory insurance contributions on a capped base of BGN 2,600 per month
  • 5% one-off tax on dividends and liquidation quotas
Value added tax

  • reduced rate of 9% for certain tourist services
  • 0% for exports and certain other activities
  • refund of input VAT within three months (regular term)
  • faster refund within one month if certain conditions are met
Other tax, duties and fees

  • 0.01% – 0.25% annual real estate and property tax
  • 0.1% – 3% transfer tax for real estate and vehicles
  • tax and fees on vehicles, donations, inheritance, etc.
  • excise duties on energy, fuel, alcohol and tobacco
  • customs duties on imports of goods from outside the EU

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