Everything stars with incorporating your company. But what’s next? Prior to registering a company, it is necessary to comply with tax-specific requirements regardless of the type of the company – limited liability, joint-stock etc. along with complying with the data protection law. With company development you may have to change some of the company details like company name, address, the scope of activity, manager, to add or remove a shareholder or even start the liquidation or insolvency procedures. In those cases, it is important to entrust the changes of the obstacles of the Bulgarian company to the hands of experienced experts who will guarantee you a professional approach and a high level of competence.

 Main changes of circumstances (changes in registration)

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The unique and ever-changing nuances of corporate law demand experienced corporate and business lawyers. Innovires is comprised of an experienced team of lawyers and experts who offer progressive solutions to businesses and natural persons facing complex legal challenges. Our leading attorneys have the knowledge and the experience necessary to handle the difficult issues.

We understand the diverse legal, business and financial issues our clients face and we immerse ourselves in their businesses and positions so that we can anticipate and mitigate the risks and challenges that they may face.

Getting the best result means having a team with proven results and the detailed knowledge to draw your action plan.

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    Where Law and Business Meet.
    We have always been telling our clients that we’re in this together. Your team and ours. Dimitrova
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    Why us.
    Legal issues can very easily get in the way of running a business. Having to take time out of a busy schedule to address these situations can take attention away from important issues at hand. Experienced business law attorneys can help to minimize these distractions and let business owners to concentrate on what they do best: run their businesses. sign

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