Together with our clients, we determine the individual level of need for regulations and draft tailored commercial agreements of all sorts. Our experience with respect to structuring and negotiating agreements helps our clients in the preliminary phase and secure them from conflicts later on. We understand the business and provide expert advice to all types of company structures.

Innovires experienced in business and commercial litigation attorneys handle a diverse range of litigated matters in courts, from contract disputes to internal conflicts among partners and shareholders.

The firm is a recognized leader in real estate property valuation, tax assessment and litigation. Innovires helps businesses reduce real estate taxes and counsel / defend municipalities in valuations and assessments.

Debt recovery in Bulgaria

As lawyers, we have more tools at our disposal and will use all legal and equitable means to collect delinquent business accounts. A debt collection lawyer from Innovires will take your case immediately and use an array of legal remedies to help expedite the debt recovery.

Our team makes all calls to commercial debtors, and if we don’t get a response within seven days we can immediately commence litigation.

Innovires is the cost effective leader in collecting delinquent business accounts in Bulgaria.

We build strong relationships with our clients and fiercely advocate their interests.

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Desislava Dimitrova
Why us.
Legal issues can very easily get in the way of running a business. Having to take time out of a busy schedule to address these situations can take attention away from important issues at hand. Experienced business law attorneys can help to minimize these distractions and let business owners to concentrate on what they do best: run their businesses. sign
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